Sunday, June 8, 2008

the first step is admitting

..... many know that the first step is admitting you have a problem. I don't know if I have a problem but I can tell you and I am fully addicted. I am so into this blogging world. I love take a hour or so a day to relax and read stories on blogs. It takes just a few seconds to get a glimpse into a friends day, or hear of God's goodness or be reminded of the little things in that make us important.

For me its a place to get grounded, to hear of God's goodness or to be challenged by the word of God. Its a place to weep over God's heart for His people or to be light hearted and see a new project or craft that I will need to hurry and make...

For now these are my vices, my addictions, my places of refuge....

Jamie aka James- she is not only a great pal, she is funny as heck and she is grounded, she is a bright stay at home mom who can make me laugh but alsso has big shoulders when I need to cry!

Steph...Stephanie.... my pal - this friend is from So. Cal and is overflowing with creativity, I've heard she makes the best cookies on the planet. I know she loves her fam and Jesus with her whole being. She is rockin' fun and I can't wait to schedule her to teach in our store!

The Smith family I have to tell you about this amazing family. The dad is a singer with Selah but the story is about their family and their little princess Audrey Caroline. There was a tough pregnancy and then a birth and 2 hours and 27 mins of life that changed the world. Through her story and her family I have been changed. I got to their blog from Cheri>Robin and I have never been the same. I learned some amazing Godly principles from their video and thru their story I will never be the same.

Without Wax then one of those 6 degrees events took me to the pastor of Crosspoint church in Tenn. His name is Pete and his blog is real. He just ask normal everyday people common questions but they are rockin'. I mean, they go deep and you have to mull them over in order to answer and sometimes I am not ready to answer. But they keep me thinking, draw me to the word and cause me to think about what I say and what I do. I came here from Audrey Caroline (the blog listed right above) Its a glimpse into his life and family, but also a sample of the heart of the Father and His people learn to walk in this crazy mixed up world.

There are many more blogs listed on my list of those adore. Some I simply can't life without. I will introduce you to them soon, I just wanted you to meet a few today.

What are you reading?


Brad Ruggles said...

I love the withoutwax blog. Pete's a really great guy with a great heart.