Sunday, June 8, 2008

Girls day, birthday and fun!

This week was Savannah's 17th birthday.

It was finals week so we waited to celebrate on Saturday.

Savannah, her friend April and I headed for Spokane, It was raining, I mean raining and cold, but we went. We were heading to the Farm Chicks at the Spokane Fairgrounds, Its a great place to find shabby chic items, and repurposed furniture for the store! Needless to say abour 7000 people thought it would be a fun day as well. There were strollers, kids who didn't want to be there a fair share of husbands just waiting in the aisles and we couldn't really get into the booths. It was nuts! We were looking forward to some treasures for some summer decorating. Savan managed to get a great denim skirt. We then headed to the Onion for some much needed lunch. After we were full of wraps and fries we headed to Steve and Barry's. If you haven't been to this store you are completely missing out. Everything was at most $8.98. Savannah and April got some great summer duds. They then walked the mall and I did some shopping. We met at the Rack in hope's of a shoe find or two but struck out so we headed to Tuesday mornings. This is a great store on the North side. We scored some amazing roller totes for the store and we ended the day at Olive Garden. There was a 70 minute wait so the girls tried out their new polka dot rain boots in all the mud puddles! We had an amazing dinner and then headed home. It was a perfect day. AMAZING!!!!!


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Savannah! Sounds like fun! Her skirt was so cute! When we move to will have to head over there to shop sales tax and lots of good stores! I'll miss you guys and the kids will miss Savannah. Hopefully will find some good sitters right away :o)!

Bfun1 said...

Happy Birthday Savannah! I am envious of the polka dot rainboots! Sounds like an awesome day in Spokane!

MrsD said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

My husband was in Spokane on Saturday--I should have went up and met him for the day and we could of hit the Farm Chicks show. Darn.

designsjamie said...

I went on Sunday and it was so much fun. I would love to have a booth there! Did you see Bari J?