Sunday, June 8, 2008

this is new and hard

Try filling in the answers to the following phrases….it’s not as easy as it looks.

i am: bossy
i think: way too much
i know: God is in control of everything
i want: my kids to do grow up healthly God Fearing adults
i have: the most amazing family
i wish: money wasn't ever an issue
i hate: depression and mental health issues
i miss: my Grandma and my friend Shawna/Hannah
i fear: fire and being trapped
i feel: like there is always something more I could do
i hear: dogs sleeping
i smell: febreeze
i crave: diet coke
i search: for clean pj's all too often
i wonder: when if Mike will ever be free in his mind
i regret: being so impatient with my family and loved ones
i love: scrapbooking with friends
i ache: for families that are waitin to adopt
i care: for the hurting and lonely
i always: want to do my best
i am not: perfect
i believe: in Jesus
i dance: around the house
i sing: in the car
i cry: for dreams and expectations that are unmet
i don’t always: turn it all over to God
i fight: the urge to at times just drive away in the car to the sunset
i write: on my desk notepad endlessly
i win: at hand and foot often!
i lose: at bunco
i never: miss a day w/ diet coke
i confuse: wants and needs
i listen: to my the opinions of my family
i can usually be found: at the store or on my cell phone
i am scared: to lose a loved one
i need: to pray even more
i am happy about: how God is working in my life
thanks Amy - it really made me think


shauna said...

What a great exercise. I think it would really make you think.

My favorite? I am bossy. Me too.

Can't wait! It's less than two weeks away!

Kristi O said...

bossy and diet coke! hahha
yes its going to be fun!!!

Crazy Pences said...

Thank you for your comment Kristi! I am glad that Jamie has a friend as sweet as you!