Monday, June 23, 2008

Retreat! More fun

I can't wait for people to email me their pic's from this weekend.

There were some great times. Tami had her camera, so did Gina and Kelly, and the girls from Orofino and Pullman. Email them away! Let's get them out there. I know there were well over 500 layouts created this weekend. It was wonderful to "Retreat" to a place on the river so close to home.

I will try to get some pic's taken tonight, I haven't located my layouts yet. My van decided to get sick while we were up river and today it was towed to the mechanic. THANK GOD, I mean really Thank you Lord, my folks are smart and have AAA Plus, which means that a person can get towed anywhere within 100 miles of where they are stranded. This morning, mom went back up river, met the tow driver and said hasta la vista to the red mini van. 6 hours later we have it back. It was a set of burnt up wires. There is more good news, we had some credit at the mechanic, another God deal and therefore it was under $100 for the repairs. My oh My. I am one thankful girl today!!!!!
I want to thank Tami, Cori, Jess, Annie, Rhonda, Bri, Jennifer, Shauna, Denise, Gina, Kelly, Randi Jo, Nicole, Dawn, Heidi, Kelly B, Anita, Linda C, Sara, Sue, Susan, Loy, Ivy, Rainy, Fraun, Gabby, Karlene, Tami V, Kristi T, Kristi K, Anne, Mom, Jamie, Gini, and Polly


Polly said...

I totally enjoyed it and am so pleased with all that I got accomplished up there (besides the great visits, amazing snack table, new ideas and no cell phone!). Thank you for planning it Kristi!

erin said...

hiii kristi!!
it's erin from custom crops! i was so excited to talk to you today and went on your website...then found your blog and now im hooked!! :) i have one too! hope that we can keep in touch!

MrsD said...

pssst.... where do you get the special ice. I won't tell. ;)

Kristi O said...

nice try Mrsd, i can help you solve the riddle if you'd like!

shauna said...

Kristi, It was so fun. I had a blast! Thanks so much!