Sunday, September 7, 2008

J to the M to the E

Today is an ode to a pal! James is 30 today. She isn't sure she wants to turn 30. Let's just say that 2008 isn't hasn't been a 5 star for James. But I tell ya, I wouldn't have survived this year without James.

Here is my top 10 list about Jamie

10- She rocks as a mom, Cormac and Chloe not only have a ton of fun exploring this world but they are laid back and fun to be around. They say funny things, wear great clothes and just enjoy life. Their mom makes sure that they are seeing the world with eyes wide open

9- She doesn't care if her house looks like a showroom or not, she leaves the door unlocked and all are welcome. There might be folded laundry on the couch or the remenants of Chloe's last attempt at painting with nailpolish on the hardwood floors but you are still welcome. Come in, grab a beverage and enjoy

8- She is up for fun at almost anytime, ready to chit chat, visit, or just listen. We have had plenty of time's at Tomato Bros. attempting to solve the worlds problems, only to live again tomorrow

7- She isn't afraid to tell it like it is, Jamie likes to read and be educated, she won't shove things down your throat but she will enjoy a heated debate and that is so fun. One time I learned about Huckby and talked politics it was a GREAT discussion

6- She tells a funny story, when I need a laugh, when the world is funny I can call Jamie. She sees the world with a set of glasses that are full of hope and laughter

5- I can be myself with James. We all know I haven't had the most fun ride this year. James is there to listen to make me laugh to just check in, to really ensure that I am out of bed and at work when I would rather pull the covers over my head. I can be me, the good, the bad and well you know the rest.

4- She loves her family. She is committed to raising a family in this crazy mixed up world. She respects her husband, she takes good care of those extended family in her life and that is a lot of work! And she loves my family too. She helps out with Savannah and cares about Mike and what's going on!!! She loves my mom like I do and that means the world to me.

3- She knows the value of Diet coke in my life. Now that is a friend!

2- She found a special ice supplier, rock on sister!

1- She hangs with me at my store and scrapbooks. We tell funny stories, we laugh, we gripe, we are and its GREAT she stays late, stops by when I am just there working and we have a great time. She makes having a store a lot of fun.
Happy Birthday Pal. Hope its a GREAT ONE!


MrsD said...

Well....she is the Special Ice Godess! :)

TAMI said...


1funmommy said...

That is so sweet!

Jamie said...

Thanks for all the loves!
"Homies for Life"