Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time to be Thankful

I was reminded today by Shauna at Upinthenite that its so important to be thankful. She is reading a book on change and it discusses how we build alters to the difficult and tough things in our lives. I confess I built one stinkin' huge monstrosity of an alter around Mike. And such a big alter that it made all of us sick. That is one thing I am learning about mental illness and addictions that come with it, it doesn't just affect one person but the family as a whole. So as Mike is away getting well and working on him, we need to be working on us. Its not about surviving any longer but about living. In living I have to have a grateful Heart. In being Thankful I am reminded of God's goodness and His faithfulness and have much to give Thanks about......

* through the last few months, I have grown closer to so many. Some have said that in crisis you learn who your true friends are. I have so many, I mean more than a handful that love me, pray for me, bring me diet coke, encourage me, have cried with me and more...... too many to name and so dear to my heart.
* my daughter, the light of our lives is loving being back into a routine. She is back in dance and wanting to be challenged, she is growing in her ballet and love for worship and the arts. Its so nice to see God moving in her and through her.
* I love Fall, I love all the holiday items that are arriving into the store, the new customers we are attracting and the excitement that comes with a new fresh season.
* Mike is more animated when he calls. He is taking interested in our family again, he just isn't thinking about ending his life, he is wanting to know about the dogs, and the stores.... its refreshing
* We finally met stoploss with our insurance. If you don't know what that means to us, its huge. It means that we have paid out of pocket to a certain dollar amt and now the insurance will pay 100% of mike's bills. Today I had a moment and thanked one of the insurance approvers for allowing Mike to stay one more week at his hospital. She was nice. The one who I was sure hated me and spewed bile all last year was decent and nice. Now that is GOD.

I don't like what I see what I look back at the alter I had built around mike and his illness. I don't like who I was and how I was reacting. I hope that by being Thankful and really spending sometime with the One who knows me best in worship and prayer... that alter will be destroyed and I will be okay again.

how about you? alters? thankful?


Bfun1 said...

Thank you GOD!