Friday, December 12, 2008

13 days and 13 things about this holiday

With just 13 days to go, there is a lot going on.
Tomorrow at the Lewiston High School there will be an amazing Ballet/theater performance. You should take the kids, it has great music and some talented local kids. Have you been to Peter Pan? I have heard that its a wonderful show.. you should check it out.

I am trying to get back to basics this week and be thankful. There is so much good admist the craziness going on around me...
13) Savannah is finished with her college class
12) I have an amazing secret sister at work
11) I am loving my diet coke and chocolate Tami gave me last week
10) My mom has her tree up and its so pretty to see
9) I'm having a huge party tonight at the store
8) I have friends that randomly call and check on me
7) My kids are both doing really well in school
6) our dogs are cuddily and make me laugh
5) we have a busy kids club planned for Sunday
4) I have amazing parents who love and support me
3) I have a great job with good insurance
2) I have this fun store to hang out with and GREAT customers
1) Jesus, He is the reason for the Season