Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 to 2009

What a year... we met a ton of new customers, we found new scrapbook companies like Teresa Collins and Piggy Tales, and said goodbye to companies like Daisy D's and Crossed Paths.

We hosted a lot of fun parties and events, we added new faces to our Angel staff like Randi Jo and Melissa K.

Our family went thru a lot, my husband and son are both away, and Savannah struggled with her back and dance. But the year was filled with fun as well. Winter CHA and my birthday, Oregon Coast as a family, my folks spending a few weeks in Hawaii, Queen Jean recovering from surgery as the skinny Queen, wonderful jobs with good insurance a roof over our heads and family and friends who we hold dear.

As we say goodbye to another year we are looking forward to the goodness of the next one... Savannah and the healing in her back. Mike whole and well, Winter CHA and my birthday trip to California, Savannah finally driving, new friends and customers at the store, Savannah graduating High school and on to college, Jacob driving and doing well in school, new scrapbook products and more fun events. What a list to look forward too.....

And you... are you saying goodbye to the old and in with the new, do you have unspoken prayers in your heart that you are asking God to answer.... do share so we can rejoice with you.