Sunday, December 28, 2008

More shouts

Some of my favorite places continued...
James the funny girl; I could blog much without mentioning James. She is so stinkin' funny, she probably has 15-20 blogs in her mind at any given time, she makes me laugh and is a great break from a work day. (caution at times pg-13)

Scrapbooking Mecca; Let's be real if you need anything, go here. This place rocks, they have fun message boards, great ideas, fun items to purchase, challenges, classes and more. I am here all the time. Enjoy Two Peas in a

Sharing from the Heart; I have introduced you to Angie and her family in the past but I am constantly going back. Angie and Todd Smith from Nashville share their hearts and seek hard after the Father. When times are at their worst they take it to the cross. They are helping me thru this curvy road I am walking down.....Check out Audrey Caroline

Tomorrow.... some favorite locals who really make blogging fun