Wednesday, December 10, 2008

more gifts coming your way!

15 days till Christmas
this is fun... Do you hang stockings? What do you put in them? We don't do stockings really but they are hung for decorations. Do you use colored lights or just white? What is something that you always do this season? Savannah likes to go to Locamotive Park and walk thru the lights.
I think that this year we'll all get new slippers and pj's for Christmas. I love to have new jammies.

Today, pay it forward, with all this stress. Give something to someone unexpected. Pay for the person's coffee behind you, leave a note on someone's desk or blog, shovel someone's sidewalk, or clean up the kitchen unexpectedly. It will be a real blessing for both of you.

We are paying it foward. Today spend $50 in the store and get a $10 coupon just for you. That's out thanks for being so thoughtful.


Dawn said...

Good heavens woman... you posted at 4 am???

I love your idea of pay it forward and your story a while back of the guy who paid for your breakfast. I think I may try this out. I love random niceness!

BTW: we use our stocking, we normally have colored lights but this year going with white (kids didn't complain!) and we always go out for Chinese after we get our tree... We were inspired by the movie "A Christmas Story" :o)