Tuesday, February 24, 2009


For many of you readers, you will not believe this story..... it just goes on with our lives lately..... the princess finally decided to take her drivers test..... last week she showed up but they turned her away because I wasn't with her. So this week I took lunch at the appropriate time to match their odd hours... and set out to get this done...... we took a number and waited, after awhile it was our turn.. woohoo! She gave them her learner's permit, her drivers ed completion certificate and then her birth certificate. THEN, they needed my ID, I handed it over with a smile, thinking heck I still might have time to grab lunch on the way back to the office. Imagine now the awful music, doomsdayish..... getting louder in the background. "oh who are you? you aren't on the birth certificate" "no I am the step mom" "oh" (BIG DRUM SOUND) almost like the floor just fell out from under my feet. "you can't sign, you aren't her parent" I calmly protested, "her father is committed to a mental hospital, and I am her person. I am on the medical records, the school records, I can authorize surgery, heck I pay all the bills and yet I am not her person?

They wanted to know if I had guardianship? She is 17 and 8 months, why on earth would I have guardianship? They couldn't help, they couldn't tell me the law or code but I wasn't good enough. I am good enough to provide health insurance, buy the groceries, ballet shoes, pay the $365 for drivers ed, but nothing more. They told me to talk to a judge.

As you can imagine this is how I felt.... but well I am opposed to going to jail since they don't serve diet coke there. So I did the next best thing and called my folks, they were in Maui drinking margaritas poolside (rub a little salt in the wound) Dad told me to call our attorney, (the dmv wenches told me to talk with a local judge) a judge? The attorney told me to give it a shot and let him know what happens. By the time I talk to a judge she will be 18. This is so not the fairy tale I signed up for...... and they don't sell new lives, husbands or drivers licenses at Costco.... geesh

On a better note, MckMama is hosting a cruise in 2010. I am so there, want to come along?


TAMI said...

Oh my fricken' god!!! (sorry so foul)....that is so ridiculous! I am so ticked right now!

My 30seconds of *Sanity* said...

Savan told me part of this today. how absurd. I can't believe it.... or can I?

Kristi O said...

thanks for the love girls. I was crazy mad this afternoon. Finally Savan gives in and now what do we do?

the only thing in my life right now is all you girls that love me and listen to my weird events

Wendy said...

Oh Kristi. I just can't imagine how that felt. I was feeling your frustration as I was reading your post. Our systems can be a bit flawed...nothing changes the fact that you are 'her person' even if they don't accept that! Blessings!

Talentdmrripley said...

i'm jealous that your comments work.