Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Why Scrapbook?
Scrapbooking is extremely personal and we all have our own reasons for our interest in this rewarding hobby. What does scrapbooking mean to you? Are you thinking about starting your first scrapbook? Or do you remember why you started to scrapbook in the first place? Either way take a look at this list. Let it be a help, an encouragement or a reminder…
Why do we scrapbook? We do it to:

TELL THE STORY: to create a record, relive our experiences, commemorate various events in our families lives, build a record of our lives , allow the story behind our photos to be told, and to enjoy and share our memories with our family and friends.

CREATE A LASTING LEGACY: a place for memories to last forever, to be enjoyed for generations to come and to give our memories the treatment they deserve.

FEEL THE ACCOMPLISHMENT: As we complete a page or an album we feel empowered and encouraged - we can finish something! Our accomplishments come in small doses. We get to see, hold, and touch the completed page or project. And that is so important for a mom who is surrounded by the ever messy home or never ending pile of dirty laundry.

KEEP CONNECTED: Scrapbooking keeps us connected to people, events, places and experiences that happen so fast as our lives speed by. We go through so many things in our lives. As we scrap we do not miss out on recording these memories and seeing the progress of our journey.

BE PART OF A COMMUNITY: Expanding our social circle by joining crops or a club, or joining an online community. We make new friends who share our interests. Besides having fun, we learn new tips and techniques from our new scrapbooking friends!

START A LIFETIME HOBBY- we can scrap anyway along our life journey… before we have children, as we start our new family, as our children grow up before our eyes and as our children leave the nest. We can encourage our children to start as early as elementary school and we can continue to scrap with them all the way into seniorhood!

PROTECT OUR FAMILY PHOTOS: provide archival safety of our most cherished pictures and to begin a family history preservation mission project.

EXPLORE OUR CREATIVE SIDE (and shopping!): all of those beautiful scrapbook supplies. We love to find just the right embellishment, paper, sticker or digital element that helps us to explore our creative side (Did you even know you were creative before starting to scrap?) and our albums reflect our own special and unique style.

HONOR TO GOD AND FAMILY : to not forget the blessings that come from the Lord and to remember the lessons we have learned along the way. We can teach our children and their children all about our family history. We pass on God’s love through our scrapbooking legacy from this generation to the next.

Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them. ~Deuteronomy 4:9 (NIV)

Be encouraged dear scrapbooker! Did you see yourself on this list? Did one of these reasons touch your heart? Did you see a new reason to love the hobby you already like so much? Let us remember these reasons that we are choosing to scrapbook our memories. Be inspired! Be motivated! Scrap!