Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am thankful....

I know its not Monday but I thought I would still do my Being Thankful Blog... I think its good to be thankful in the little
* James was going to Costco today and picked up a few things I was really needing, and delivered it to my store.WOW, what a blessing!
*My friend April is pregnant and they heard the heartbeat. AWESOME
*The sun was shining today and it didn't snow like yesterday
*My friend Kristina is beginning a new adventure making custom invitations. I love when people take a leap of faith
*There was bunco last nite in the store, it was great to hear the chatter of girls and the occasional "BUNCO!"
*This week is the fair, I remember as a kid preparing our animals to show and sale, I love the smell of fresh shavings in the show ring.
*Savan is sick, she's been pukie since yesterday but she still smiles and tells funny stories
*Last week there were quite a few birthdays in my world, Candy at work, Erica in Cali, (love ya babe) and Brenda my pal. I get to go to dinner w/Bren tomorrow nite
*Jean had surgery on Friday and got out of the hospital today and is on the mend
*Lisa L asked if she could move the Creative Escape on the 3rd to the store. Its so fun planning such amazing events with kind and great ladies from the Pomeroy Community Center

Are you making a Thankful list?


Wendy said...

Hi there old friend! I saw your recent comments on my blog...thought I'd check you out. Thank you for your prayers. Love the thankful list...watch for mine coming soon! Blessings - W