Friday, February 15, 2008

Saturday - It's a party!

Birthday Party

3- midnite

Crop! Prizes! Drawings!

You won't want to miss out

Bring something to eat

We'll provide the drinks and dessert!


Jessie said...

I wish I could be closer, I want to come visit!!! I love reading your blog, it kind of keeps me connected... from a far! I'll be sending your camera tomorrow... so be watching for it. I'll be sending you my lucky me I've got you sample soon... I have to find a little me time now that I'm home! I hope your days are fulled with Happy stuff... you know what I mean!?
Love ya,
Your trade show sister,

Kristi O said...

YEAH!!! I want you to come visit too! I love the lucky me sample!!! Love ya!!!

Stephanie said...

Have a fun party!!!

Becky said...

So how was the crop/party? Jamies called to see if I was going, but we already had plans last night. We had planned to have an evening with Cameron, just the three of us. We spent time having "THE TALK" with him. It went so well. He was still the innocent, clueless boy I thought he was. He never laughed or got embarrassed, he was just trying to comprehend it all.

So, how was the party?