Thursday, December 13, 2007

12 Days of CHRISTMAS!

Okay, we are going to play a game on my blog! woohoo. I love games, and with this one everyone who plays will be a winner!

Everyday until Christmas eve we will have a special at the store. Today BRADS 10% off

Also inspired by Homegrown Hospitality we are going to play the letter game. Today my letter is "C" and words that have meaning beginning with the letter "C".

C is for CHRISTMAS, hence the title. I love this season, the lights, the magic and the true meaning which leads me to my next word CHRIST. Jesus, born in a manger to save the world. the Messiah, the chosen One, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the reason for the season.

C is for COMFORT, I was thinking this morning how I was so comfy in my warm bed I didn't want to go to work, it was snowing lightly outside and it was warm, I also thought of this last year and how comforted I was thru the trials we walked thru, Jesus loaned us some amazing people to carry us thru. C is for COFFEE, I am not a huge coffee fan, but I enjoy a mocha at times, and Starbucks is now on my way to work. C is for CURIOUS. C is for COURAGEOUS and my friend CHERYL who is fighting CANCER. Its for my CALENDAR I just made as a gift, the CLOCK ticking away, for my store CROP PAPER SCISSORS and so much more.

What is your letter? Tomorrow my letter is H, can you see a pattern? There will be a contest from the comments... share your letter and the meaning you will get a prize from the store. At the end of my WORD will be a grand prize given out on CHRISTMAS EVE.


TAMI said...

It would not be fair for me to play.....but I did want to say how much fun this will be to see what you write and read all the comments! FUN FUN!

Bfun1 said...

I hope I am understanding everything right....
My letter would be "J"
J for "Jesus" who was born in a manger. J is for "Joy" (because I like to be happy) and also "Joyce" - a friend who passed away after a battle with lung cancer when I was still in highshool. J is for Joe (my husband), jewels (who doesn't like "bling"), journey (we are all on one) and jazzy (its got a great sound).
Did I do it right? If I didn't I am "so embarrassed"!

Kristi O said...

This is fun, Yes BRENDA you did it GREAT! I can't wait to see what comments come in!

Michelle Aiken said...

I just have one Question, do all the letters spell something in the end? If so my letter is P. P is for "people" who make my day great like my twins and my husband. P is for "presents" that I have made that I can't wait to give on Christmas. P is for "patience" something that I have to have a lot of with twins and something they are struggling with. P is for "pretty"-something my girls tell me that I am:) P is for "Pepsi" my husbands employer. I could go on and on but I will stop for now. Hopefully I am doing it right.

The Queen said...

My letter is "F" for freedom, what better place on earth then here in the state do we have freedom, of speech and to go where we want and the list could go on and on.

shauna said...

What a great idea! I'll have to come back and play (although I'm a little late).