Sunday, December 16, 2007

more letters.

So sorry I fell behind this weekend. It was busy busy with 2 dance performances, a chance to go to Moscow to do some Christmas shopping and a really fun busy day at the store today.

SO... Brenda wins 2 sheets of cardstock for winning on letter H

Here goes Saturday's letter... "R"
R for me means REST, something I don't do very often, but that is so good. I love Sundays and a warm blanket! R for Roosters, where I went tonight for a birthday party w/ girls, it was wonderful to visit and be together. R is for relax, something I know nothing about, R is for redeemed, what a powerful statement, its for Red Licorce something that makes me smile and for root beer floats, a great treat we like at our house in the summer.

I is Sunday's letter. I is for inspiration, a store full of inspiration. I for ibprofun, I took a ton today 'cause I had a monster headache. I is for incredible which sums up Savannah's dance performance last nite, it was so moving. I is for ice cream which we shared with Abby and Jaquie after the show. I is for Itunes, we love to find music there for our IPODS.... what on earth did we do before this music form....

Are you thinking of some letters and want to share? More presents to come!
This week we have a sale everyday. Call to see, come in to find out. We have tons of fun projects going on every nite if you are needing a creative place


Bfun1 said...

Y & P are my letters for the last two days....
Yuletide - the season we are in! You - because you are important to people.

P for Peace for the season!

P for patterned paper, paper punches and paper piecing....for my scrapbooking addiction.

Michelle Aiken said...

My letters are E and S. E is for Eloise, my mom who helps me in so many ways. E is for Elise, one of my twin girls who is so sweet at times and so onry(spelling?) at others. E is for excillent, how I will feel when I am completely done wrapping presents.
S is for shopping, something that my twins and I have been doing a lot of lately. Luckily they are very good and the candycanes the salvation army people gives them really helps. S is for sharing, something I am trying to teach my girls, you'd think they'd figure it out that there is two of them and only one of me! S is for santa, who will bring lots of presents Christmas morning. S if for snow, I really wish it would stick around so we can play in it. Last but not least, s is for SCRAPBOOKING, something I LOVE to do!