Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Highlights from the last few days

Sunday nite we had girls Bingo at my aunt's, It was a hoot, we won "gas cards" to the local fuel station, what a blessing! (It was great to see Jamie and Julie!)

Christmas eve morning we had a wrapping party at the store, it was so fun to decorate the packages in anticipation of them being opened later that nite. There were last minute folks buying gift certificates as well, so fun to see so many men in our store.

Savannah was a beautiful dancer, it was very moving, a portion of the Nativity movie was in the background, and the song was perfect. The service was filled with carrols, and candlelight.

The evening was filled with family, snacks, lots of lights, a Charger football game and of course GIFTS! I love to see the look on people's faces when they received just what they wanted. I will post pictures later, highlights were a Lisa Bearnson family book for mom and a new cricut cartridge, a down vest for Mike, Savannah's new Ipod, and Ugg boots, Marges' handmade calendar, Jake's $$ and my Adobe Photoshop elements! I waited to open my gifts last, I wanted to really capture the moment with the kids and others.

We ended the evening with a card game and a movie.

Christmas morning the kids were off to Spokane before the snow flew

We had a nice breakfast out and then took a nap with the dogs

We spent the rest of the day with Miss Lil, and Pitch at mom and dads with Marge and Dave and a wonderful Prime Rib dinner. We watched the Guardian (what a GREAT movie) and went to bed early.

Today its trying to snow, and its back to work. I am so thankful for a loving and kind family. A family who is relaxed and enjoys being together. For a store filled with friends and amazingly talented girls. For the magic of the carrols and lights, what a time of year. I hope that someplace in your heart and mind you remembered the baby Jesus as we did. That you were caught up in the love and light of the season and were truly thankful for those around you.

Yes, there were funny times this week too and I hope to have a video soon to show you the cockatoo and the puppy!

Blessings and Happy-day-after-Christmas shopping!