Monday, December 17, 2007

Another letter for today.

Today the letter is "S"
S is for SNOW, we had some this week. Then we ran up to Moscow and they still had snow everywhere. S is for sunshine, its trying to be sunny today, I love it! That makes me SMILE. S is for smile, its nice when a smile and brighten someone's day. It can make a difference. S is for Spaghetti, Mike made sauce all day in the crock pot, our home smelled wonderful! S is for Smell, how cannot you not love the smell of the season, fresh baked cookies, pine trees, cinnonmon, and more. S is for SHARE. Last nite I Shared a meal w/ some very special friends. It was a nice time to share what's going on in lives and also to just be together. I am so blessed.

What is your letter today? Tonight I will draw names for the last Three letters for a prize!


Bfun1 said...

Okay am I the "ONLY" one playing or what?
"E" is my letter.
Ear, think about how much we would miss out on without our ears and hearing. Elderly - I have always had a special place in my heart for the elderly - I reflect upon the lives they have lived and what trials and tribulations they lived through growing up through the years, oh what we could learn if we took the time to listen to their stories. Elephants - I mean seriously aren't they amazing and awesome creatures and they are sort of CUTE too don't you think?

Michelle Aiken said...

We need more people playing this, I feel bad. Well today my letter is E again. E is for Ellen, my mother in law who takes the girls for us whenever we need time away. E is for Excitement, something I am feeling for my sister because she is going to be having a baby next summer.

TAMI said...

My letter is also S today.... I am SAD that an innocent child lost her life in SPOKANE, WA due to her SELFISH parents who failed to educate themselves and care for their daughter who was born with a cleft palate. SHE failed to thrive. I have dealt with a child / a cleft and it is hard SOMETIMES but his precious SMILE was enough to get me through the hard time. I hope these parents never SEE the SUN again and live the rest of their lives in prison. I will get off my SOAP box now, just had to SHARE my SADNESS.