Friday, December 14, 2007

Another letter another special!

Thanks to who commented, you are all entered into the drawing for Christmas eve and Michelle A you won a pack of brads of you choice just for playing along!

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Today's letter is "H"

H is for HOPE, what a great time of year to be reminded that the heart would grow weak without hope, it is part of being and our growth, This season is full of HOPE as we anticpate Christmas eve, and time's together, we are HOPEFUL. H is for HELP all around us are HELPING HANDS in times of need, hands to hold when we need comfort, hands to carry things when our arms are full and hands to spread out the work. H is for HAPPY, how can you not be happy watching kids with excitement catch a glimpse of santa or watch is snow from their desks at school. H is for HEALTH, my husband was sick this week with the crud, he said he felt like there was someone standing on his chest, I am thankful today he is on the mend and back to work. H is for Healing and Hearts, Honey Ham and Hearty soups, Hot cocoa, and a HOT fire on a cold nite, its for the HEAT that keeps our HOMES warm. H means so much to me today! What is your letter?


Bfun1 said...

O is my letter of the day....
how 'bout..."Off-The-Wall" - spontaneous, funny, craziness at its best - most of my friends are this. Then "Outreach" something each person should do to help someone else along in this great big world, what a blessing that would be! How's that? Just an FYI - "O" is no "ordinary" letter!

Michelle Aiken said...

My next letter is R. R is for Rich, my dad who has been gone for almost 7 years now but I still feel like he is here with me every day. R is for Ryan, my husband who I love with all my heart. R is for Ron, my brother who helps me in so many ways. R is for reindeer that pull santa's sleigh. R is for Reeses, my favorite kind of McFlurry. And finally R is for Robin, my middle name.