Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A friend leaves....another letter

My letter today is "M" I am going to deviate a bit from the week and focus just on a few words. M = MOURN, today I will attend a service for my friend Cheryl who passed away Friday evening. God was MERCIFUL and she didn't suffer. She was diagnosed w/ a tumor and liver cancer the week of Thanksgiving. A week ago hospice started coming and a hospital bed arrived, she was on comfort meds and joking w/us. We would visit on the phone and she would ask for things that would make her happy, cookies, homemade soups, some comfy shoes, I would organize and deliver but Friday she was tired, sitting next to her daughter and brother she feel asleep and passed to a better place. Now we mourn. She is in heaven with a new body, and probably organizing Karoke and dinners with her family and friends.

Cheryl was a social worker with us. She was one of the good ones. The one who climbed under the bridge to help the homeless man so he didn't freeze, the one who wasn't afraid to tell the drug addict I will help when you are ready to deal. Who could make a few phone calls and have wood delivered, and help the rest of us distinguish between poor parenting and abuse. She was amazing with the mentally ill, and had grace to find the strength in some that many had written off. Her best friend couldn't be contained in just one, it was her granddaughter Holly, and so many more. Jack treated her like she was a precious flower. She took time to teach us the ways of charities, the medical system and those that are getting taken advantage of.... I had so much more to learn.

I was thinking what would I say if I had just one more conversation with her.

We had said our "I love you's" and "Thank you"

I would laugh about whatever was in the paper, we read it together most mornings. I would ask about Holly and their next plans together. I would ask her how to deal with a client, for instance a single dad living in his truck trying to save up enough money to rent a home for him and his daughter. We would talk about clients we helped and those that were doing well. When my times were tough she would listen and tell it to me like it is... that is a true friend. We would sip diet coke, talk about her family and their great adventures, and she would ask about my dogs and their antics. Cheryl was true, she lived an amazing life, I am more than thankful that I had the chance to be called her friend for 4 years. I just wish there were 4 more, for mysake, 'cause I wanted to learn more and grow and be better at who I was, and she took time to do that. Godspeed my Pal, hope there are rivers of Diet coke and endless Karoke w/the angels...
(Cheryl is on the right of the photo)


Bfun1 said...

I am soo very sorry Kristi - it is so hard to lose someone so awesome and so quickly - I mean it is good for her not to suffer here any longer but it is so hard for us to say goodbye and grieve for her. Such a hard time of year for family and friends to lose someone (not that anytime is a good time)! Good bless her! I am sure the Lord will be say "Well done by good and faithful servant"!

C is my letter for today.....
Cheryl - Kristi's dear friend who went home this past week.
Charity - because it sounds like that was what Cheryl did so well.
Childlike - not because I am thinking Cheryl was that way, but because I bet she did things like a child for the people who needed her assistance - she just did it - she didn't hesitate and think about why she shouldn't or why they didn't deserve it - she just did it hoping to to touch a life and change it for the better.

Kristi O said...

Thank you Brenda, thank you for honoring my friend w/your letter today. {hugs}

The Queen said...

I haven't been on line until now, and what can I say, I'm so very sorry that we here on earth lost a very special sister, friend, mother, grandmother, daughter. For all you have said about this wounderful person, we are truely going to miss this great lady. You alway wounder why we are placed on earth some for all our lifes and other for such a short time, Cheryl must have done all that she was sent here to do and was called home to carrie on in heaven. It is alway hard for us who are left here, we are happy that our loved ones are not in pain and are in a better place, but we are sad that they are not here anymore to share all the good times and bad times we are going to go thru.
C is my letter for today
C is for Cheryl who was good to all
C is for Careing
C is for Christmas - God Bless to all.

The Queen said...

my letter today for you is also M
M is for Mary the mother of all mothers, what a great lady to have been chosen to have given bith to our savior.
M is for Manger the birth place of our savior.
M is for Myrrh an aromatic oil which was given to Jesus along with Gold and Frankincense at his birth.
and the list could go on and on.

Ange~ said...

She sounds like an amazing person!

Becky said...

What a lovely tribute to your friend. I am sorry to hear about this sad news, especially during the holidays. It is comforting to hear that she went in peace.

TAMI said...

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."
Thinking of you Kristi....Cheryl was a blessing on earth & will be a blessing to our holy father.

shauna said...

I'm so sorry, Kristi. Take your time to mourn; it's important to let yourself grieve. I'm certain heaven has rivers of diet coke and karoke parties (or else what kind of heaven would it be, really). My thoughts are with you and Cheryl's family. May you all feel peace this holiday (And thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog Monday. It was comforting).

Kristi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Kristi. I didn't know her, but if she was a friend to you then I know she was an amazing soul. It's okay to grieve your loss, it's the duty of those of us left behind.

Michelle Aiken said...

I feel for you Kristi, holidays are the hardest times to lose someone very close to you. My letter today is T. T is for time, cherish the time you have with loved ones because you never know what today will bring. T is for toddlers, they make you smile just by being themselves. T if for today, live it like it's your last. T is for teachers, where would we be without them. T is for trains, my girls call them "choochoo's". T is for togetherness, something the holidays are all about.

Jamie said...

What a amazing person that you were blessed to know and spend time with. You are such a amazing friend to have been there for her and bring her things that made her comfortable. She will always remember you for that! God bless.

Erica Jane said...

After reading what you wrote, I feel as though I have met Cheryl and as if she has taught me things and touched my life. It is wonderful that you can share with others who Cheryl was. Because of your words, she is STILL touching peoples lives and always will. I am sorry for your loss Kristi. Thankyou for loving. If you weren't a loving person, you wouldn't share with others the things about life that mean so much. The things that we should never forget. I believe that God blesses you with special people in your life, like Cheryl, because you are faithful to HIM and because you KNOW and FEEL that every single friendship/relationship you have brings something unique, special, and needed into your life and heart! Thankyou for sharing with us........thankyou!