Tuesday, December 18, 2007

letter for today

My letter is T
Today- what a day. I have been having a hard week, a good friend of mine passed away Friday evening. I am THANKFUL she didn't suffer but its hard. Your know? T = thankful, what a word, so much to be thankful for.... Time, I wish I had some more today. I would like to make some more Christmas gifts, and spend more time with family and friends.

Do you have a letter?

Brenda, you win ! Michelle you win! 2 yards of any ribbon of your choice


Michelle Aiken said...

Today my letter is N. N is for neat, I like everything to be neat and tidy from things at work to home. N is for naps, just a couple hours for me to get stuff done without 2 toddlers crawling up my legs. N is for night time, I go to sleep so much faster now that I have twins, it used to take me forever to fall asleep. N is for naughty and nice, two personalities my twins like to show throughout the day. They can be so naughty one minute and then the next you forget about what they just did because they give you a hug out of the blue. Thank you so much Kristi for the giveaways, you are so generous.

Bfun1 said...

A is my later today....
How about A-one - first class, excellent - I love when things just happen to turn out that way, doesn't it make you feel good?
Angelo - my son, the greatest kid - which leads to Angel - and "NO" he isn't one...at least most of the time he isn't!

Jamie said...

What a great person to have had the pleasure to know!! I am sorry for your loss. You were a great friend to her and she will always remember your generosity and love. If you need comfort food....CALL ME:0