Monday, December 3, 2007

Being Thankful

Today is tough for me. I had bad dreams last nite that won't stop.... my husband didn't have a 5 star weekend and neither did my kids. BUT the bible commands us to be GRATEFUL... so I guess I am stepping out on a limb

-I am thankful for amazing girls who choose to hang out at our store and for a fun photo weekend
-I am thankful for cars that are reliable and for jobs that provide money and insurance
-I am thankful for a Father who doesn't give up on me when I whine and stomp my feet in frustration.
-I am thankful for Dayna's new puppy, and Kim's new puppy, for Kelly and her dogs too, you can't help but smile when holding a puppy.
-I am thankful that my daughter dances and uses the talents God has given her
-I am thankful for heat to keep the home warm, Christmas lights, and Christmas music
-I am thankful for Tami who spent her weekend taking photos and then editing them for our customers.... she amazes and blesses me
-I am thankful for Jami who just stops by the store to say hi and hang out when I need a friend
-and as always for the diet coke on my desk. :)


Jamie said...

Ahhhhh, thanks my dear friend. You are the best!!! Luv YA

Becky said...

I like that you do these on Mondays....they are good to read.