Saturday, August 30, 2008

If I could host a party...

I was thinking today how fun it would be to host a scrapbooking party with some blogging friends. I have an abudance of amazing girls locally that I scrapbook with on a fairly consistent basis, but I read a ton of blogs and at times I think it would be fun to have some of them over for an evening of laughter and creativity....

Here is a quick list.

Angie- she keeps it real and really says things that I am thinking. I love her honest faith

Stephanie- she has more energy and ideas in her, I would love an evening to soak it in and she has an authentic faith

Sherelle- a fellow Idaho girl! I love how down to earth she is and she makes stuff I could make. She is a WAY amazing photographer

Teresa - a party wouldn't be complete without this fun loving girl!

Brandi - I don't know if she scrapbooks but she is a great mom who loves Jesus and keeps it real

Janna - creative, fun and so friendly, we met at CHA was winter and she is the nicest girl ever!!

Layle - I also met her at CHA this winter, she has rockin' great hair, she is fun and really nice

I have a longer list but this is a start, I am sure we would all be talking non stop, there would be cookies from Steph, and Sherelle, hopefully something homemade from Brandi and some really great projects. If you could host a party who would be there?


Dawn said...

You would be there. Because you need a getaway too; one in which you are not the organizer and can come just for the fun and relaxation of it. Of course, I would then include Patty, Kim, Amber, Stephanie and whoever else I see at the store, the school, church, etc... I love to be friendly.