Friday, August 8, 2008


Today is rained. Big drops, it was fun, I like summer rain it reminds me that God is in control. We think of summer as HOT, long days with swimming or boating, or staying inside where its cool. Today I wished that I could have ran out in the rain and played! But instead I worked away and watched from my window.

I was thinking today about what summer looks like to so many. We aren't travelling this summer or going on a vacation like so many families. Instead we are working on much greater things. But there is something to be sad for an escape, something for a long day at a lake or near a river with just nature, or kids laughing in the distance as they splash. Cori and Tami recently spent a week in Idaho near a river, fishing and playing and riding 4-wheeelers. Some of my friends camp every weekend or spend time on their boats. What do you do for fun? How do you escape? I would love to see a project, card, or layout demonstrating how you enjoy summer. You can bring it into the store or upload it to your blog, or email me a pic and I will pick a winner! Someone will win a fun prize just for playing along!

Did you know today was 08-08-08, I remember that 08-08-1988 we had a black and white crazy 8s party. Today I worked on just staying awake, my how times have changed! To be young and free again, WOW!

(Mike is home, we are in transition and praying God would order our steps. We know that its going to take a tremendous amount of work on God's part for Mike to be well, and also some painful work for Mike to walk thru therapy, treatment or whatever he needs to do to gain control of his mind. In the meantime we try to live life. Whatever that means.) I am dreaming of a dock, a lake with a shallow beach and a good book with some friends closeby, but its not looking like that this weekend.