Saturday, August 2, 2008

who knew?

Just a quick update. I am in Spokane, I spent the day with Mike. He is currently on a cardiac floor at Sacred Heart. He is doing pretty well. He is much less confused and seems to be recovering from his unknown weird episode Friday nite.

I tried to find a hotel for 90 mins and had no luck, I had waited too long to use priceline or finally after making over 20 phone calls I called The Davenport in desperation and they had a room. They even gave me a Sacred Heart Rate. After not sleeping since 2am I am ready to crash. I will update more tomorrow. I am sooo thankful GOD provided me a place to lay my head and rest.


Desiree Whittaker said...

I am keeping you (and your husband) in my prayers. I know Mandi has extended the invitation but I will as well if you EVER need a place to stay, please call. We are only about 30-40 min from the hospital here in Rathdrum and you are ALWAYS welcome.

Scrapping Mommy said...

You dork, why didn't you call me, I would have helped ya find a place.... Duh, my parents... :)