Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thouhts on a long weekend!

I love long weekends, its a great time to spend time with family or get some things done, for me its time to rest my mind.
Resting makes me thankful!
*We had tons of out of town customers at the store, its fun to hear their reactions and find some items they hadn't seen before.
* I was able to spend sometime with Dawn R last nite, it was so nice to catch up, she is full of life, loves Jesus and is real. It was a GREAT nite. Jean popped in a for awhile too, I am glad they enjoyed each other's company
*Speaking of Jean, she is alive! now thats something to be thankful for...
*Joe, Bren and Ang came by Saturday to hang out for awhile and Brenda helped me make a darling SPOOKY banner, I will post some pictures soon
* Today I did some dishes, cleaned the kitchen, some laundry came and went and tidy'd, up its far from perfect but its home
* Mom and I went to costco, wow, what a blessing, we found some of our favorite tortillas, fresh cut pineapple, green beans, garlic chicken, english muffins, what a great shopping trip
* Tonight I played with the dogs, the weather was so perfect, I thought for a few mins that I was back in So. cal with such a cool day. Amazing!

I was thankful today for so many things, friends and family who are fully invested in our lives, a store that is a happy place for so many, an upcoming family week at the beach, the sunshine, my funny dogs, Savan and how many families love her to babysit, our cozy home, and another day off tomorrow.
We've been invited to a potluck tomorrow and we just might make an appearance. I hope your weekend is going great and you are thankful too. I love looking forward to Fall. I need a change of season, how about you?