Thursday, August 28, 2008

little dream weekend

I took a few hours off of work today to regroup. It was nice not running out the door at 7:40 and jetting across town. It made me thankful that I have vacation time that I can take when I need it. It was nice that the dogs came and found me and were glad there was room in bed for everyone.

I was thinking today about vacation time.. If you could go someplace this weekend, where would it be and why? Do you have a place you are longing to go and just "be?"

I am thinking that if I could take a little weekend getaway it might be Seattle. I love wandering the city, but since Jay and Kari has moved away it wouldn't be the same. I would say Boise to see Mike but I wouldn't want to come home and I hate that drive. I would think Missoula would be fun since I have friends that have recently landed there. But I am going with the Oregon Coast, just a quiet weekend on the beach, no worries, no stress, just the sounds of the waves and some family/friends. Of course James would have to be with me and we wouldn't drive we would magically arrive, afterall this is my dream weekend. Oh yeah several other friends would magically appear as well like Tami, Cori, Steph, Melissa, Erica, Laurie, Teresa C, Janna W, heck even Angie S and Brandi too, they are such cool chicks!


Bfun1 said...

UMMMM - I am thinking there is a name missing from your list of weekend buddies...namely MEEEE! HEEHEE!

Jamie said...

I am sooo glad you took some "downtime" for yourself. You deserve it. I would love, love, love to join you at the sounds so relaxing!! We need it...wait till I tell you about my DR appt I just got back from:)

PS- Will you just will the jackpot now so we could afford to vaction bi-monthly and scrapbook?

TAMI said...

I would love to have an ALL girls weekend...just to relax! I think we are ALL needing something like that about now...too bad one of us wasn't rich & had a secluded cabin somewhere- now that would be heavenly!

MrsD said...

It's good to take some time off just for the heck of it! good for you!

I saw your comment on my blog. I'll remember that.