Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My letters

Dear Veteranarian: Thank you for taking such great care of our Duka Paduka, He is healing nicely and thanks for not charging me an arm and a leg to help his mouth. You rock

Dear family who lives in our house: When the toilet paper is nearing the end, find some more. When the sink if full of dishes, load the dishwasher and for the love of everything that is good, give the dogs some water every so often!!!

Dear Lawn mowing neighbor, thanks for transforming our lawn from the Beverly Hillbilly's to a stepford lawn, well once we trim the roses we will be ready!

Dear Mike: Get better already I want my husband back

Dear James: you bod is betraying you, I think we need a trip to see Erica's to heal up

Dear Polly and Manda: Thanks for loving Savanny as much as we do

Dear Mom: you rock, thanks for rescuing my sorry hinny everyday and making me smile.

Dear Savannah: get your license! enough already!

Dear Tami Sue: thank you for taking care of the store Friday and cleaning and making it look pretty, you were missed this summer!

Dear Work friends, church friends, and Scrapbook friends, thanks for holding my head up, letting me cry on your shoulder everyay, for listening and praying for offering advice and for smiling when you didn't know what to do, I couldn't have made it without you all.

Dear Cindy from Pullman, Michelle B, April M, Cori S, and Cory L thank you, you each touched me by listening and loving and being you.

Dear Creativity: Could you please, please, PLEASE get your act together? I’m dying here. I mean, I know that you do your best, I haven't made anything in so long and its time!!!


Jamie said...

LOL! I love these letters. I could write a few I tell ya. I hope I will be in tip top shape sooo...thanks for always thinking of me! YOU ROCK!

Scrapping Mommy said...

Dear Kristy, THANK YOU for being there for all of us scrap'n junkies, and for lending an ear to everyone even though you are currently living in some "wonderland"...... James is right YOU ROCK.

TAMI said...

Saturday night is your night chicka! We will have some laughs and we will enjoy each others company & you will be lil miss creative....ya hear!!?