Monday, August 4, 2008

Mike and the weekend update

I took 2 hours off this morning to let my mind rest. I returned home about 11pm last nite from Spokane.
Here's the readers digest of the weekend:
1:45am Mike codes on 6C at Sacred Heart and is taken to the ER
3:15 I provide a medical history to the ER to help find out why he coded
4:15 he is resting and breathing on his own
6:15 nurse said he is resting and still breathing well
8:00 to the ICU
10:00 to the CCU unit
All this time I am helping with a yard sale at the store
Too many tests later Mike tells me he has been run over by not 1 semi truck but 2!
Tons of blood work and vitals he is stable
Sundaty he is laughing and joking with me, he showered and shaved and looked half way normal again. It was nice. I was told at 10:15 he was going to be transferred back to the psych unit.
5:20pm still no change. We enjoyed the afternoon watching tv, visiting and hanging out. It was nice. We walked to the hospital coffee bar and had mochas.
5:40 he was taken to the psych unit, his smile disappeared, he turned from mostly normal to hopeless and distraught, he was anxious and sad. We thought he was going to the open unit and he instead was taken back to the acute unit. In the acute unit there is not stimulation and mike does not do well in that. I had been waiting all day to speak with the psych, I was told he was already gone for the day, I insisted on seeing/speaking with him, the nurses continued to tell me that it wasn't possible and I continued to tell her that I was going too. The doctor agreed to come and see us. We met and determined Mike did need more stimulation and he could go to the open unit. If there wasn't a bed he could visit over there and then just sleep in the acute. It took a few more hours, a few more misunderstandings, etc by 8pm Mike's back hurt so bad, he was beyond frustrated and done. Just done dealing with nurses and waking up in different hospital beds.

This morning I have checked on him he didn't sleep but he did eat breakfast. I was able to talk with the nurse and once they look at discharges then they will see when he can move. I am holding her to this. He knows that in order to get well/come home he has to be in the open unit where there is therapy, etc.

The internist did tell us that Mike coded because they over medicated him with hypertension meds. Also a combination of being dehydrated and too many meds almost killed him. NICE

Needless to say our medical journey has tons of twists and turns that are unexpected and at times scary. I am trying to just look for the things that remind me God is still in control.


Dawn said...

Jeez, what a weekend for you and Mike. It can be so frustrating to be in a place where you can't get the treatment for your loved ones that you know they deserve. I am glad that you are assertive Kristi... I will continue to pray for you and Mike. God is there... and I hope that you will see Him in unique ways.