Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crystal over at Mommy Macchiato tagged me with 6 random items about myself...
1- I hate to fly. I travel all the time and I think we are going to crash all the time. I have to do a ton of self talk the whole flight. Craziness, huh?
2- I love love love diet coke. In the summer I drink iced tea but diet coke is my comfort drink.
3- I have nite terrors if I watch bad tv or scary movies. I can't watch anything over PG. I know its insane but its true. I am a QVC and a ABC family girl
4- I hate hate hate housework. I have decided that some people are better at it than others, so I have a housekeeper twice a week
5- I love to scrapbook and to make cards. I don't often sit down. I am more a collector of paper and things, I hate to use the things I buy... I just like to have them. There is probably a 12 step program for this, but I am not interested... ha!
6- My kids are 14 and 16. I am officially old, but I love having teenagers. I truly do!

I am now tagging Cori & Erin. Go for it ladies!!!


sohpiasmom said...

I'm LOL here! These are funny to read! :)