Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Michael

This week at the store we're doing Christmas in July. Tami taught the decor board calendar class from Junkitz. It was a hit. Tomorrow nite is Just Add Chocolate where we are doing 24 layouts in 6 weeks. Thursday is Erin's class making 5 Christmas cards. Knowing I was busy and going to be out late my hubby made me dinner, hand delivered it and brought my flowers. Tami had her camera to capture this scrapbooking moment. What a great guy I married too.

You see, he grocery shops and does all the cooking. He loves it! He is creative and tries to make meals that we all enjoy. At times he will do loads of laundry and make sure the garbage is out to the curb on Thursday's. To many these are normal things, I just want it known I don't take it for granted. We've been married almost 9 years and I don't take one day for granted!


shauna said...

Lucky Girl! (And he's a handsome feller!)