Monday, July 9, 2007

Family Rules for a GREAT Summer

A few rules to make life easier (okay my life easier but really it will work)

1. if the phone rings answer it, I don't care if you don't think its for you, it just might be important but at any rate ANSWER IT!
2. if you are on the phone and it rings, place your caller on hold and answer it. This is why we pay a small fee for call waiting, again might be an emergency or someone important
3. put the cordless on the charger at nite, don't leave it in the basement in that scary, off limits place filled with clothes all over the floor, please please please put it where someone can find it when you are asleep.
4. if I don't answer at work its 99% due to the fact that I am WORKING, or with a client, it doesn't not mean that I am somewhere else and you need to keep calling my cell phone or just hitting redial on my desk phone. I take calls all day and there is a good chance I am already on the phone and can't answer. I will call you back. Hitting redail just to say Hi is not going to score any points or get you a ride to wherever you want to go right now.
5. Summer is short, be thankful you are home sleeping till noon, eating whatever you wish and not outside working. Worse than that you could be like the kids on the East coast and be at camp all summer. You are living the Easy life at this time, be grateful!
6.I will do my best to have fun with you and play but I still have to work and bring home money, so don't make me feel guilty that you are home and bored. I am think of 101 things for you to do, don't tempt me.



shauna said...

I'm going to have to bookmark this for later, because I'm sure I'll need the reminder when my kids are a little older. Right now they all fight to answer the phone and the lucky caller gets to hear the best part (when one or both screams as a result of the phone fight frenzy). Kids, what joy! :)

Heather said...

Hilarious. Know what's funniest? It's that I feel like #4 was written for me by my mom back in my days at home in the summer and some days now by my husband now that it's summer and too hot to go outside :)