Saturday, July 7, 2007


I was inspired today by Shauna over at Up in the Night (see her link listed on the right sidebar) She blogged today about how we lose ourselves when we are mom's and put all our attention to raising amazing kids. We don't take time to do what we need too. For instance, how often do we haul all the kids to get their haircut or for shoes while we settle for a trim every other time and Old Navy Flip Flops (not knockin' 'em, I have my fair share but the reality is there are some great sandals out there). How often does Hubby grab a game of Golf or spend time with the "boys" while we keep the homefires burning. Hence at our store we host "SMART GIRLS CROP" once a month. This is a time for "YOU" We bring in Fazzari's and chocolate. We have a room full of tables and lots of chatter to help you keep going. This is a time to pack it up and escape the house. Leave the dishes, laundry and the child attached to your hip. Its a time to make a project, scrapbook a page or sometimes just sort pictures. Many have commented that they don't take time for themselves, let alone just walk away for a few hours.

I have found that after a late nite with 20 close friends...teehee... I am more thankful for my witty daughter and compassionate son. I have spent the nite bragging about them on my scrapbook pages, or laughing about how funny our dogs are... I have taken time to be thankful that I have great kids who are NOT dealing drugs or living on the streets. By the time I turn off the lights I am ready to go home. I am thankful I have a home to go too and friends that reminded me just have good I have it.

I learned long ago that I needed some "Me" time and I imagine that if my family were honest they are grateful for sometime without me.

I hope you will join us. This month it is on the 14th from 5-11pm. If you can't make then then plan a nite with a few friends and run away for dinner. Do something for you. Call me and we can get a pedicure or just get out and get a Starbucks. You will be thankful you did.

Thanks Shauna for the reminder.


Becky said...

I am planning on coming....I can't wait.

shauna said...

This sounds HEAVENLY! I need to revise my pampering page and include this Smart Girls Crop, because it sounds fantastic. I love to scrapbook and it's a great escape--you're also right about how it helps you regroup and be grateful for your children and everything else going on in your life. I'm going to schedule my next visit home around one of your crops (and who can resist Fazarri's and chocolate!).