Monday, July 2, 2007

Work a little have a day off, work a little

Today I realized that we work 2 days and have a day off, then work two days and have two days off. I could get used to that! Sunday was a great day. I actually got some much needed rest. I try to not think that working two jobs gets to me, afterall owning a store is such a fantastic blessing and my mom really does work the days for me, but mentally I am constantly thinking about what we can do to make it better, what product do we need to need to move, how does it look, what advertising is working and not, what are we out of stock and worse than that, who needs what..... when I get a chance to sleep in, I take it. Sunday was one of those mornings. It was great not worrying about an alarm or jumping out of bed to head off to work.

Erin brought in some darling layouts and a monogram banner. I loved them! She is designing our kit of the month. We sold 20 the first month. It is so exciting! We added the add-on page this month for just $4, I think people are going to love the value of this program.

If you have dogs and are like me you are sick of the fireworks already. I want to muzzle the cute little dachsand everytime she is startled by a firecracker and barks, it gets the big dogs running amuck and its annnoying. I know its fun, and my son is the worst of them, lighting off the loudest ones as often as he can. I know its just a week out of our lives but its a long week when the dogs are going nuts every 20 mins.

Enough whining. I went to costco at lunch and downloaded a couple hundred pictures. I can't wait to load so for to see. Cori took some fun ones at the store. We are the featured store of the month at COSTCO and I hope we will have the display up this weekend! Check us out at the Clarkston store.

My blog recommendation for the day is: to me this is one of the funniest things I have read in a long time. Its all about how we pick out handbags. I recently had a great party at the store with my friend Jamie and her company, designsbyjamie... (her blog is listed on the right).... Enjoy friends!!!


shauna said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog in your post today! I'm actually a paper addict myself--I LOVE scrapbooking, whenever I get the chance (rare though it may be). I'll be checking your blog regularly now!