Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WOW, I am alive again! I got some rest, thankfully the dogs decided to sleep out on the couch and I was able to sleep till about 5am! Work was actually manageble today with just one diet coke. I am excited that Scenic route paper company, Paper Trunk, Quick Quotes and a few others are going to ship our orders from Chicago this week. That means we are going to have some great new paper lines and projects in the store by Monday. When we returned from Chicago we realized that in less than 60 days we will be hosting our 2nd retreat this year. We have 60 ladies who are going to spend 4 days cropping, remembering their favorite moments with their kids and loved ones. We have some amazing projects planned and even a special event Saturday nite. The ladies who are going to come are going to get totally blessed!

My darling daughter is leaving on a youth group trip tomorrow. She is travelling to Seattle for a ropes course/camping trip. I don't think she knows what a "ropes" course is.... to me it means going up high in the air, about 30 feet with this little rope and harness around your waist just in case you "slip". Then you walk across this tight rope or take the zip line down. Now, why on earth would you decide to partake in this type of event? I know that its more about going with some girls on a trip and having fun camping. BUT the reality is, she is going to have to play the "ropes"game. I wonder if she is brave enough. What will she do, will she react, will she cry, will she just do it and laugh? I would love to be there and to be with her while she grows and explores but you couldn't pay me enough to play the "ropes" game. Its good to go with kids on an adventure and the youth group leaders are great people! I pray God will take good care of her. "hang on dearie"

On a funnier note, all the dogs in our home got baths today. They thought that was great fun. jump in, jump out, jump in, jump out. I don't know who was wetter, Mike or the dogs. I hope Savannah took some pictures of the circus. I am assuming there was a whole load of wet towels from that adventure. After their baths they run around the house as fast as they can knowing they smell pretty, showing everyone how "cool" they are. I tell ya having Boxers is a kick in the pants.

I had to laugh, Shauna at "Up in the night" makes me laugh. She is one cool mom. She writes priceless stories about her 3 kiddo's and their daily adventures. She doesn't know it but her and Becky are kindred sprits, Becky's 2 year old Matt is just like Shauna's Zach. Go check them out, their blogs are on the right.

Erin is coming to my CROP Saturday nite. I can't wait to show off all the loot we brought home from CHA. I hope you'all will come. I am going to give away some secret yet to be released items. HA! its going to be worth your while to come by.


Becky said...

"I don't think she has any idea what a ropes course is"....well, she will find out, won't she? She will have a great time. You are hilarious...cracking me up!

P.S. Thanks for the shout out....also, I think that is why I love reading Shauna's blog...I connect with her.

Thanks friend!