Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Few questions for God

Many of you know that I believe in the bible, but I have just a few questions for God when I get a chance to talk with him in person... Afterall the bible says "Everything good and perfect gift from comes above.... and in another place it says that God created everything (paraphrased)

But I might have some issues? I am packing to go to Chicago and was checking weather.com It said 80 degrees thunder storms and 70% humidity. Now that sounds "steamy" to me. Why do we need humidity? To breed small icky bugs that bite and make people itch? To make people sweat? I am curious, just how does someone who lives in an arrid climate pack for 70% humidity? Doesn't sound fun to me?

Then I would like to sit down and talk with the person who decided it was cheaper for me to fly 3020 miles tomorrow to get to Chicago for the least amt of money. We leave the Big Lew and go to Salt Lake, from there we sprint to our plane for a 23 minute connection to fly to Atlanta. From Atlanta we fly back to Chicago. I think someone was sick in the head the day they thought that was cheaper than, Lewiston-Salt Lake-Chicago. (Don't tell me its my fault I booked the ticket, I took what was suggested by the airline)

I will be roaming the convention center in Chicago for the next few days with Mom and Debbie. We will be at Summer CHA ordering product for Fall/Christmas. (Trapper is going to stay with his new friends at WSU in the hospital while we are gone so mom doesn't have to worry, btw, it was starvation that sent him there, 2 more hours at my folks and they said he would have died. Its not that mom wasn't feeding him correctly the people we purchased him failed to tell my mom he needed formula for 4 more months. He is doing well now although mom says his personality isn't great since he would rather we home than at the hospital)

If you think about it pray for us. Pray for safe travels, for our families while we are gone, and for us to make good business decisions. Our store is Rockin' and we want to keep up the momentum, if you have already talked to God about my questions feel free to reply, I am sure you have a million or so ponderings of your own.


Becky said...

I hope you are having a great time in Chicago, even though the thought of being hot and sticky sounds irritating. Hopefully, the A/C makes it easier. Can't wait to see your goodies when you get back!

shauna said...

Enjoy Chicago (will you be stopping by Oprah's place?)

My questions for God:
1. Why don't children come potty trained (he's all powerful, right?)

2. What made you think cockroaches were a good idea?

3. Does all the stuff that tastes so good really have to be that fattening?

Oh, and I could go on and on and on...