Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Savannah and I made the great escape tonight and went to one of our favorites haunts, Tomato Bros. This is almost as good as going to mom and dad's for dinner, they know us by name, and are willing to share a good story or just chat as we are seated. The owner stopped by to chat, he lost his best friend last week. George was a character and well known to the Happy Day family. He was not just the maintenance man he was like a brother from a different mother. When my mom worked for this organization years ago she joked a lot with George. He had a heart the size of Alabama. His service was Monday. I am sure it was filled with many great tales of the antics working with so many restaurants. George had a great dog, who never left his side. He passed before George and I am sure he was waiting at the gates of Heaven for George to arrive.

Our dinner was GREAT. I had this light pasta dish called Casalinga. It has sauteed mushrooms, olives, lemon, fresh tomato's, spinich and garlic shrimp. It was perfect for such a hot summer nite. Savannah ordered raviolli and when it arrived, it looked skimpy, but we wouldn't complain they are like family here. Quickly a server came with the right portion, apologizing for bringing a childs order (we felt bad she'd eaten the 6 noodles already) but she continued to eat her real order! HA!

Savannah is drawing on the table papers with the kids crayons, another fun feature of this haunt. If they would serve Diet Coke I might consider coming her daily. BUT, they changed to PEPSI earlier this year and I have seriously considered a sit in. Its just not the same.

I am sure tomorrow will be filled with all american fare, diet coke, hamburgers, potato salad and more. In the meantime we are off to see the "babies." That is what we call the dogs in our home. Duke, Sugar, Buster and Sister will be waiting near the door to tell us about their day. I am sure it was filled with some barking, lots of sleep and even some toliet water. What a life!


erin said...

Have a fantastic fourth!

Crystal said...

Pepsi???? OH NO!!!! I hate when places switch to Pepsi...I love my COKE!!! Sounds like a fab dinner!