Sunday, July 22, 2007

So Tired, oh my gosh!

Okay, can you say Tired? That describes our group. Mom is not even seeing straight, Debbie is walking in slow motion, if you know Debbie that is REALLY bad. Tomorrow we sleep in for a bit 'cause we have an afternoon flight.

Today we ordered from Scenic Route and K&Co, I can't wait till the retreat girls see the amazing projects we are going to do. Debbie and mom bought some great kits from Quick Quotes as well! You are guys are going to be blown away. I hope that dad will give us some more space in the store, we are going to need it.

Hope you are all well. I came to the buyers booth to check email and to get a diet coke and all they have is coffee, what are these people thinking? Take care friends,


Becky said...

Glad your having fun...when do you come home tomarrow? Will you be at the Cricut class? You will probably be wiped out. I hope I will be there...I have had a migraine since yesterday morning. You know one of those ones I had when I was preg.....NOT FUN! No lights, no noise and no moving...argh! Safe flight...see ya soon.

shauna said...

Waiting for pictures, lots of pictures. How fun! Wish I was going home soon so I could attend your Smart Girls Crop.