Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Friday..... the weekend!

This afternoon I was at work in a long legged training I was thinking "gosh, why are these people babbling so much, talking about nothing..." then I remembered, "oh yeah, I am the tired one." Poor people at work having to deal with me when I have been travelling. You see I am not smart enough to take a vacation day to rest after we arrive back home. Then I bet you are thinking that I am just whining, I should be rested, it is Friday after all and I have been home since late Monday nite. I think that I took this whole week processing what we ordered, when it would bill and be scheduled to arrive. I am already thinking about the fantastic retreat we have booked for September and our booth the following week at the Nez Perce Fair.

Tomorrow we have a rockin' class with Wendy from Denami and then a Crop. Its going to be a long day but it means I get to spend sometime with some of my favorite people like Angie Meyer, Wendi and her mom Carmen, Brenda and Jean, Kelly and Gina, Holly and Tracie, they are all live giving people. People who just by talking and laughing with, you feel better. Then my creative pals (not that the others aren't creative) but you know what I mean, Erin and Bethany are joining our crop. They oooze with great ideas and fun! If you are going to be sitting home bored jump in your buggy and come spend a few hours with you. Your family will thank you later for returning home happier!