Sunday, July 15, 2007

Prayers Please

Last nite was such a great time. We got home late and fell into bed from so much fun!
BUT, this morning my mom woke up and the new "baby" Trapper was not doing well. He was on the bottom of his cage and was sick. Mom called the local vet and he was not available, so she and dad took him to WSU to the hospital. She called me at noon to tell me that he is really sick and she had to leave him. At this point there are not a lot of details. We have only had him a week, he was purchased from a very reliable store where we frequent at least once a month. The vets also suggested that our other birds could be sick from whatever Trapper has... that really scared mom.

He is at the hospital I am sure receiving the best care possible. But if you would pray for us. We really need it.

In case you don't know the story of our store, my mom and I run it together. My mom raises birds, she has a Cocktoo named Zooluy and a Macaw named Matilida, they are often regulars at the store. Last weekend we added another Macaw named Trapper, he is a Blue and Gold and he's just 5 months old. We lost our Amazon Alex while we were in California shopping at CHA in February and Trapper is sort of his replacement. We are scheduled to leave for Summer CHA Wednesday.


TAMI said...

Many prayers from the kids & I while we are in vacation in Seattle. Tell your mom I am thinking of her......Love Tami Sue