Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Day one of the New Year

Happy New YEAR!!!!
I had sort of a rough day. I waited all afternoon for the kids to call so we could meet in Colfax and do the exchange. The roads were somewhat icy, and there were parts that were covered in drifts. I don't like to drive on the snowy roads. I was wondering the whole time I was driving why my husband was not there doing the driving. Afterall it is the right thing for him to do. I am sure you will appreciate that he was sleeping at home in bed. Nice, huh?

When we got home, Savannah and I went to play card with the Jones'. They are the nicest older couple ever. Claude and Fern were a riot. Claude called Savannah "Georgia" and it stuck! We played hand and foot and it was a GREAT time. We are planning on playing again this weekend. Its nice to have such good friends we can go be ourselves and have a relaxing time.

I hope your day was relaxing and fun!


Becky said...

Happy New Year to you too!

The Queen said...

Kristi, I was so happy you and Savanna came over last night. We too had a great time, we'll have to play on a larger scale next time, and Dad and I well try not winning you this next time lol.