Thursday, January 24, 2008


I just needed to be reminded today of my word for the year.
H stands for: helping a friend on the phone who was sad, heat from the heater since it was only 15 degrees when we awoke, heartache but the knowledge Jesus knows my struggles, fears and emotions, hand lotion that smells yummy on my desk and a heart scrapbook page I made last nite of me and my husband.

O stands for: oxygen that we need to breathe (basic I know, but necessary), an omelette for breakfast a few days ago that really hit the spot, friends with open ears to encourage and stand with me in tough times of late, opportunities to make my 8-5 job run smoother, and orange scented candles on the warmer.

P stands for: pretty paper that just arrived in the store. pets to greet you at the door and make you laugh thru the day, a pink polka dot handbag that I rec'd for Christmas, PASTA- i am a carb junkie, anytime I can have pasta its a good day, I even like it plain and lastly my pen that I love, its just one from a local bank, but it works and its reliable, simple and sweet.

E stands for: everything that glitters, I am loving sparkly products right now that are in the store, "E" you know with reference to the eco system, my daughter is working with our family to be more green, its a stretch for me, encouraging words, like water and air to my soul, I need it from many areas and God seems to provide me encouragement when I need it most.

what is your word for the day?


TAMI said...

Thinking of you.....