Friday, January 11, 2008

I wish... or rather HOPE

Its Friday morning. I am spent. Not just tired but spent.... This week it seemed that in each area of my life something was off.... whether it was a normally compliant child who was adamant about not getting out of the car for an appointment, a husband who had an off week, a real life episode of the sitcom "The Office" at my 8-5 job, and so on and so on. To top it off my pal is vacationing all week, so I didn't have anyone to hang with. Geesh! no pity party here.. I am instead wishing for somethings today and using my word for 2008. HOPE
I hope today..... for peace. Peace in my work and my heart, Peace that God is in control and I am not
I hope today..... for my children to do well in school and finish up their lose ends as the semester draws to a close.
I hope today.... that Mike would somehow understand that life is uncomfortable yet managable. And he would see for even a few minutes that he is truly okay.
I hope today.... that the details for tomorrow's all day crop work out
I hope today.... that people find our store and feel welcome and its a friendly place
I hope today..... that my mind will rest and I will be able to enjoy cropping tonight with friends, being thankful for all I have.
I hope today..... you are blessed and at peace.


Jamie said...

:( Sorry about your friday. I miss ya, and wish I could be scraping with you girls this weekend. Keep your chin up, you always do. When I return.......we shall get some retail and food theraphy. Niff some Zip Dry for ME!!!!!!

Bfun1 said...

Oh MAM....I am so sorry! I promise I will try my bestest to be on good behavior tonight and try to make you laugh and we can try to forget about "life" even if it is just for a few minutes! We can laugh at Jamie's story about the Red Bull & Vodka!

TAMI said...

I so wish I was going to be scrappin' you all....think of me & the sound of many taps shoes for hours on end. uugghh!

Ange~ said...

"a real life episode of the sitcom "The Office" at my 8-5 job"- oh, did you have a ethnic awareness day? Or a rabies run...

Becky said...

How was the crop?