Thursday, January 10, 2008

We can all breathe easy now

The Zip dry has arrived, its priced and in the store. Thank God. I mean literally. It arrived overnite air from New Jersey. Now that is customer service. I even called and thanked the lady I was not so nice too yesterday.

If you like Rusty Pickle we just received several of their t shirts in stock. They will be for sale this weekend for 10.00. We also received their 8 inch chipboard heart albums just in time for Valentines day. I have been waiting and waiting to tell you that we're going to receive a secret Valentine line into the store tomorrow. It is highly sought after, will sell out in the weekend and you don't want to miss it. Its gorgeous.... I will show you images tomorrow. :)


Kelly Brumley said...

It is now tommorow and I NEED images of the new Valentine Line. Can't wait to get my hands on chipboard heart album! LOL