Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am back.. and Thursday truth

I enjoyed being gone on one level and didn't like it one bit on the other.
I miss my family, my dogs, the store, my friends, I didn't take my laptop so I took a day off of email, blogs, etc and I missed that connection. I didn't enjoy staying alone in a hotel room I like having people near.

I did enjoy the meeting, I did enjoy a nice hotel, I did have fun with some people I work with developing relationships with the tribes that we daily interact with, overall it was fine. I am thankful that we had safe travels, a relatively stress free time.

Keeping with the Thursday TRUTH series... this I have found to be true
* Life goes on while we are away, I know this makes sense but I think oh no, what did I miss?
* Bomb threats are never good, there was one the nite before I arrived at the hotel and people were still on edge.
* Casino's bring out a diverse crowd, they fill the senses with sounds, sites and smells
* History will never be forgotten when dealing with Indian people
* My daughter's smile and husband's embrace always feel nice when I return from travel
*My mom and I have a lot of fun travelling and it feels awkward when we don't include each other
* The store is full of amazing papers that draw me to create and be inspired
* The pine trees and forests in Idaho are remarkable and I am thankful in their presence
* I am surrounded by great friends who cover my family in prayer even when I don't ask

What do you know that is true? Anything this week caught your eye? Something small and simple that stuck a cord?


Bfun1 said...

I for ONE am glad YOU are back! It is nice to know you are here with the rest of us!

Crystal said...

glad you are back!