Wednesday, July 9, 2008

just another day in paradise... .errr what?

Sometimes my days are comical, that is really the only way to describe them. I use the analogy loosely that many people in my shoes would be a raging alcoholic but I choose to instead LAUGH.
Today I was accused of not returning someone's phone call or rather just not picking up the phone. I laughed out loud because did this caller really think that I was just sitting waiting for her to call and the 2000 other callers were off taking care of their business on their own? Did she think that I had time to see the call come thru and think to myself "Self don't answer that you have to file your nails..." Nope you see on Wednesday I am on a policy conference call all afternoon and well doing what most folks call work! I don't get to see calls coming in as I am writing our interpretation of the law. Instead the callers get my lovely vmail. I really wanted to make up my own story with her but instead I am letting her stew all nite and will call her back in the morning.
Today I also got to tango with my bank. In fact I am trying my very first poll on the right hand column. I just love my banking relationships, really about as much as having a tooth pulled or go to my annual exam. I talked to a very trite uncaring lovely woman today on the phone who pretty much thought I was speaking greek and taking away her birthday, nope I was just seeking a bit of compassion.
I also still am dealing with the lovely professionals in the mental health field. That is such an adventure. They are so stinking' compassionate and so quick to prescribe mood altering medications without really thinking about the end result but this is a whole 'nother conversation.

In the meantime my daughter had a GREAT time at dance, our dogs are funny, James has returned to the land of the living and hopefully will be blogging about her experiences soon.
How was your day? Were your stories funny?


MrsD said...

I was almost blinded in my left eye today. :)

MrsD said...

Oh. Miss K will be having a SHORT visit with us all Friday night. :)

Jamie said...

Yo!YO! I am you at St. Joes admit chairs:))

That is right we choose to laugh at our lives..but I have a little brown jug every now and then:)))