Sunday, July 6, 2008

My last few days

This weekend I have been helping Savannah housesit for my folks. My mom has 3 really funny birds, Matilda is a Macaw she is a bit onery and really funny. Trapper is the newest addition to our family, he is just a year old and a macaw as well. He likes to play and talks a ton, Zoolue comes to the store often, she is a white cockatoo, she talks non stop, and makes a mess. The dogs Lily Mae and Pitch along with Zoolue have made a mess in my mom's family room. We have cleaned it up everyday and then there is another mess.

Amanda brought her kids over with Kaylene's for the fireworks, we were able to sit outside and watch the fireworks just like they are in the yard. It was GREAT. We also had some yummy Strawberry shortcake!

I have a horrible headache tonight so I am not goin to to say much. But I am ready for my folks to come home and James to return.


Scrapping Mommy said...

Thanks for having us.... the view was great even though I think the show was alittle short, I was glad for good company.

Jamie said...

ahhhhh, you missed me?? Probably the only one!!!!! HA!!