Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday this I know to be true

My friend Wendy had a great idea... she started something new she is calling it Truth day!
I am liking this here goes.
* on a hot day McDonald's kids cones cheer up not just people but dogs
* it was over 100 again today in the Big Lew
* God and I had very different ideas of how this weekend was going to look and guess who won?
* Whining is not becoming whether you are 4 or 40
* a good pair of shoes can make or break a day
* just when you have some money in savings there will be car repairs.
* my daughter looks like a princess in her Jr. Miss dress running thru a field in the light of the sunset
* Diet coke with special ice will cure most ailaments.
* If you can't find me this weekend check my folks, we are housesitting its quiet there
* My close friends and family are away this weekend and no matter how hard I try its lonely
* Being a step parent is never easy
* if you take time to make 5-10 people happy most likely there will be 5-10 you really ticked off
and didn't even know it


Wendy said...

Yeah! I love this! Thanks for joining me...have a great day!

Dawn said...

I love this!! Must try it sometime... and Amen to about 5 of those!