Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life Lessons

This life I am living takes a lot of twists and turns when we least expect it. Without going into a lot of details, its been an unimaginable week. I had the chance to really apply some new lessons I had been learning. I had the chance to watch a video this year from Todd and Angie Smith's story about their daughter Audrey Caroline. I encourage you to take the 20 or so mins it takes and watch the video. It is moving and it taught me so much. (I have shared this site before but thought it was worthy to share again)

Angie shares her story about really struggling with all that she had known being stripped away with the news the child she was carrying may not live. She learned that God can handle her honesty and her questions, that just because things didn't go the way she had grown acustomed to being it didn't change who God was..... I was suprised at how I took this video, I have not even had a child or lost one for that.... but I could see the principles Angie was learning and they hit home. I know now that I needed to understand a different side of God. I needed to see that He was trustworthy and in control even when it didn't look as I thought it should.

Today as Mike was in a real manic mode and thinking of basically running away, through the prayer of friends and family God reminded me, He can handle this, He is not caught off guard by Mike's actions and He can move mountains like he did in the new testament.

I pray you don't have to learn these lessons and walk thru these valleys, but if you do, I will be with you as so many have been with me today. I will pray and hold you up. Today God was so present and brought peace. I know there is much more to come and God still needs to work but I can trust Him to take care of me. Thank you all for being so faithful.

On a lighter note. There is so much new at the store..... and Brenda and I are goin to have a really fun girls nite out tomorrow nite at the store!


Bfun1 said...

I am looking forward to it! My heart aches for you but I do know God is in control! I have been reading occasionally the updates on the video you shared! They have touched thousands with their story...amazing!

Blessed is the person who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord. ~Jeremiah 17:7~

MrsD said...

I stumbled upon that blog a few months ago and have it in my favorites.

Dawn said...

I got to the Smith's blog about Audrey Caroline a few weeks ago (from yours, of course) and I was hooked. I am amazed at this woman's reactions. Her faith in God doesn't keep her from being real.

I will pray for you and Mike. I don't need to know details, because God already knows. And believe me, He is working... Keep your faith.