Saturday, July 19, 2008


This morning Mike and I sat on Main Street and watched the world go by. It was nice, I love living in a small town, it makes me thankful to see the people wave or stop to chat and know this is a great place to raise our family and be in business.

This week is the summer event called CHA held in Chicago. Its a time for vendors to show off the holiday lines and get ready for winter. It seems weird to be thinking of snow and Christmas lights when its 90 degrees outside.

We want to hear from you. We want to know what you want us to carry. We have favorite companies and "looks" but what are you making this season? Do you want something we don't have, with a tighter economy do you want to make gifts? Are you interested in some fun cards? We have some of the most talented girls working with us and they like to create and inspire.

We have some ideas already in the works but there is still room.

  • Do you want more home decor?
  • Calendars?
  • picture frames?
  • clocks?
  • other mediums like glass or acrylic?
  • do you want to alter things?
  • make books?
  • learn some digital tricks
  • or even how to better use your camera?
Sound off! Tell us what you want. There will be prizes involved! So bring it on. if you want to show us a paperline tell us the company and we will seek it out! We are open not only 'cause we love this but to help you tell your story, your family deserves it!


Dawn said...

I am surprised at the lack of comments so far, but maybe it is because, like me, others are so happy with what you carry already! I need to get myself down to the store more often. I saw so much stuff I want to do while I was there... it was almost overwhelming!